Property Withholding Clearance Certificate in Australia

Firstly, you must know that a Property Withholding Clearance Certificate is an official document issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and it confirms whether you have satisfied your tax obligations and can legally receive money owed to you.

For example: If someone owes you $1000 but has not paid, then that person will be required to pay a withholding amount equivalent to the tax liability they owe. This means that if the income-earner owes $200 in tax, they will be required to pay this amount as withholding.

Buyer Beware: The Introduction of the WHT. What is affected and what is  exempt?

The rest of the money owed will be released once the correct clearance certificate is given to them by the ATO so they can release the rest of the money. The withholding amount is taken from payments made after 1 April 2008.

The requirement to Every Property Transaction

A property withholding certificate is required for any relevant transactions related to the sale or transfer of property in Australia where there exists a tax liability on the part of either party involved. The withholding requirement does not apply, however, if all parties are considered ‘disregarded entities’ (i.e., companies that are 100% owned by an individual) and no land tax is payable under certain State or Territory legislation.

The transferor should always notify the transferee about their need for a withholding certificate, either before or at the time of settlement. This can be done verbally but it’s preferable to do so in writing because this adds weight to your claim should something go wrong later on during the transaction. It should be noted that all documents or certificates issued by the ATO are not valid for use until they have been stamped.

For a property withholding certificate, this stamp should be placed on the back of the original copy of your document as well as any copies you make because it serves as proof that you successfully submitted your application. It also acts as a good reminder to check if there are errors in your document before submitting it again for re-stamping.


In addition, you must know that a Property Withholding Clearance Certificate is only valid for ten days from when it’s issued and its validity can end sooner if all parties involved sign a written agreement with each other which states that they waive their rights to receive an official clearance certificate from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

For example: If you are transferring an asset, or acquiring one in Australia (e.g., land), the withholding of taxes may be required to ensure that any tax obligations on behalf of either party have been satisfied before the money is transferred from one party to another.

If the 10-day period expires without a written agreement being reached between all parties involved about waiving their right to a certificate from the ATO, then this could complicate things and breed mistrust among people involved in the transaction.

In addition, a Property Withholding Clearance Certificate can only be issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) if it has received all of the necessary documentation about your income and its source beforehand. This means that if you have not submitted all the required documents needed for an income assessment, you will not be able to receive one because of missing information which prevents the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) from being able to complete this task.

If you are planning on using a Property Withholding Clearance Certificate as proof that your income tax has been paid so you can get money owed to you, then it’s important that before obtaining this document, you must first know your obligations before sending in any forms.

This is especially true if the money that is owed to you comes from another country because some countries have different withholding agreements with Australia that do not require property withholding certificates.

For example: If someone owes you $1000 but has not paid, then either party may need to pay withholding tax to the other if it is determined that they are residents of Australia. This can be done by applying for a Property Withholding Clearance Certificate through the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

It should also be noted that not everyone who owns real estate or has assets in Australia need to have their Property Withholding Clearance Certificate because there are some exceptions which include: resident foreign corporations, foreign superannuation funds, transitional resident trusts and people with certain types of income where withholding certificates do not apply.

A withholding certificate will only be issued by the ATO if all required information has been met and submitted into their system. Should this happen then Australians who plan on transferring property or assets into another person’s name will not need to pay monthly withholding tax instalments for the first six months of owning the property/asset?

During this period, there are also three different types of Property Withholding Clearance Certificates that can be obtained depending on what an Australian needs to use their certificate for non-lodgement, lodgement or cancellation.

Each one has certain criteria that need to appear to qualify and they are as follows:

Non-lodgement – proof that no withholding tax is required under a specific agreement with another country.

Lodgement – proof to confirm that all withholding taxes have been paid when money is transferred between parties under a specific arrangement with another nation.

Cancellation – proof needed so if someone who owes money to an Australian party can cancel any withholding tax they might have been required to pay.

To learn more about the different types of Property Withholding Clearance Certificates that Australians may need, visit the ATO website’s page on property withholding certificates.

If you are a foreign national and would like to know if a Property Withholding Clearance Certificate is necessary for you when transferring money or assets into Australia, contact the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or consult your lawyer.

For more information on how Australians can apply for this certificate as well as what documents will be needed to qualify, check out this link: clearance certificate application for Australian residents.

Bone Broth On A Budget: 8 Tips From

Every day, every hour of the year, someone somewhere is talking about bone broth.

It’s touted as a cure-all for everything from hair loss to acne to arthritis, and it’s even supposed to reverse grey hair (well, at least according to the people who are drinking it).

bowl of ramen

But what good is drinking broth if you can’t afford it? Home-made bone broth is great for your health but not so great on your wallet. Here are some tips for frugally feeding yourself nutrient-rich bone broth.

1. Compare prices at local stores and online.

There is a significant price variation for bone broth, so it’s important to do your research and compare prices. You might be able to find a better deal online, or you might find that one store has a better price than another.

2. Make your bone broth.

This may seem like an obvious solution, but if you’re looking to save money, making your broth is the way to go. There are plenty of recipes online, and most of them are quite simple.

3. Use less meat in your recipes.

If you’re looking to make bone broth on a budget, using less meat in your recipes is a great way to save money. Try replacing some of the meat with vegetable broth or water.

4. Check out store brands.

Not all store brands are created equal, but in some cases, you can find a decent store-brand bone broth that’s cheaper than the name-brand option.

5. Try a subscription service.

If you’re dedicated to incorporating bone broth into your diet, consider signing up for a subscription service. This can be a great way to save money on the product while ensuring that you always have some on hand.

6. Make your stock cubes.

Another way to save money on bone broth is to make your stock cubes. All you need is some beef for a beef bone broth or chicken bones, water, and a blender or food processor.

Blend the bones and add water until they are covered, pop in an oven-safe dish, and cook for a few hours in the oven. Once it has cooled, simply blend again and you will have homemade stock cubes that can be mixed with warm water to make broth when needed.

7. Substitute it with other nutritious liquids.

If you’re not sure if bone broth is worth all of the fuss, don’t worry about missing out on anything by substituting another liquid instead. Try adding some olive oil or avocado oil to your food or drink instead of bone broth for a similar taste without all of the extra protein and collagen from the bones.

8. Drink milk.

Bone broth isn’t just good for adults; mothers should also be sure to drink plenty of bone broth while breastfeeding. However, if you’re not a fan of the taste or you don’t have access to it, milk is a great alternative. It’s packed with nutrients that are beneficial for both mom and baby.

9. Don’t go overboard.

Like with anything else, it’s important to remember that bone broth is not a miracle cure-all. Don’t go overboard trying to incorporate it into your diet and don’t expect it to work miracles overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your bones won’t be healed in one either.

Bone broth is a great way to add nutrients to your diet, but don’t forget that there are other ways to do so as well. Be sure to mix things up and try different foods and drinks to get the most benefit for your body.

In conclusion, drinking bone broth is a great way to get the nutrients that you need from high-quality protein, but it’s not always an option if you’re on a budget. Fortunately, there are plenty of things that you can do to enjoy this trendy beverage without breaking the bank.

How To Be An Effective Plasterer in Melbourne

When you are asked what field of work is right for you, not all people would reply with something along the lines of Plastering. Most would go with a more conventional job, such as being an architect or an accountant.

Plasterer | Services offered | Sectors Donut

Despite this, plastering has come to be one of the most popular jobs in places where it is needed. Just ask any of your friends who have had their house done or work on new building sites on site sheds, they will tell you that how important plasterers are. It’s just that there aren’t many people who can do it well!

If you’re thinking about getting into the trade yourself then here are some tips to help start.

       1.   Get rid of the idea that it is an easy job.

Plastering is one of those careers in which training can help you to get ahead, but the experience will always count for something. The only way to develop your skill is by doing it. It may not be easy, but if you are looking for a permanent position then the best advice is to plaster anywhere that will have you. This might just mean working with friends or family until someone sees your potential and likes your work enough to offer you a job!

If this isn’t possible (and most people who start won’t be able to do this), make sure that you plaster anything and everything to get experience. Whether it’s inside or outside, it doesn’t matter. Even if you aren’t getting paid, the experience will help you to hone your skills and to get a feel for how things should be done.

         2.    You need plenty of patience.

Plastering is not an easy job; it can be messy and arduous work that frequently does not finish until late in the evening when everyone else wants to go home! This means that being able to stick with something until completion is essential. If you are someone who wants everything finished now then this isn’t the job for you! Similarly, if you are easily frustrated or have little attention span then plasterers might not be right for you either.

Again, this is one of those careers that can be learned, but it does take time and experience to master. If you are not prepared to do this then you should look for another career that might suit you better. The same goes for those who don’t have patience with other people!

         3.    You need a thick skin!

Plastering is a job where there won’t be many pats on the back – any good plasterer will know how important their work is and won’t need to be told about it by anyone. This isn’t to say though that they won’t make mistakes or find things difficult, rather it means they learn from these experiences, pick themselves up and carry on working knowing that no one’s perfect.

On the bright side, they are usually more laid back about criticism or mistakes which means you’ll have to be the same. If you let some little mistake get to you too badly then you will never make it.

         4.    You need a head for heights!

As with any job that involves working at height, an important part of being a plasterer is having good balance and spatial awareness. Being able to judge distances and move around safely and efficiently will help you no end when it comes to plastering ceilings and roofs. Your ability to do this will affect how quickly your team can operate as well as how safe everyone is; if you can’t read heights or aren’t steady your feet then this career isn’t for you.

         5.    You need to be strong!

Plasters require you to apply it to walls, ceilings or roofs that are uneven, which means that you will always be working on different angles and possibly difficult positions. For this reason alone the best plasterers are those who are physically fit; but there’s no need for any sort of special gym membership, simply make sure you stretch before every job (even if it’s only five minutes) and avoid sitting still wherever possible.  

Also, as with anything involving lifting, the more work you can do yourself then the better. If your employer asks you to bring a friend along as an assistant because they think it is too heavy, don’t take it personally. One of the best things about this job is that it doesn’t matter how tall or skinny you are, weight isn’t an issue.

         6.    You need to be able to work in a team.

Any good plasterer will tell you they couldn’t do their job without their team; and for good reason – plastering is hard enough alone, but doing it with others makes everything so much easier and enjoyable! Working with others can also provide your career with some great opportunities; everyone needs help sometimes, especially when working at height, so having access to people who can lend a hand whenever you need them is invaluable.

This is why it’s not only to get on well with your team but also to be able to get on with other plasterers in the industry. Similarly, you need to know when to take orders and follow instructions; not because you can’t make your own choices or decisions about how things should be done, rather it means that others will feel comfortable giving you advice and guidance because they know that you can follow them.

As a plasterer, especially if this is your career and only career (and maybe even for some who do have other careers), people must trust your judgement and work ethic enough to let you go ahead with something without checking every stage of the process.

         7.    You need a good head for maths!

Speaking of which, before you even get started, be prepared to study for a few exams. The great thing about this career is that people do it for different reasons; some like the job because they like working with their hands, others because they want to start their own business and become an entrepreneur.

The bad thing about it is that these jobs require very different skill sets (and usually education) so it’s difficult to know which one will suit you until you’re actually in the industry. As such, most plasterers take exams so that they can work in either residential or industrial sectors – depending on your preference – but if you want to advise builders or architects then there are other tests for this too. 

      8.    You need patience!

Although you might be tempted to take the lazy route and just apply coats of plaster to everything, always remember that a thin coat can sometimes turn out better than a thick one. Patience also means knowing when to stop; if you’re in control of your own pace then it is up to you how long you spend on any given job.

However, most plasterers are paid by the hour which means that if they’re working too slowly then someone will inevitably notice and ask them to speed up! When this happens it’s usually best not to complain or make excuses but simply do what needs doing. There are few things worse for clients than seeing their tradesman grumbling behind their back!

         9.    You need an eye for detail!

Although this may seem obvious, it’s important to be aware that a good plasterer will focus on the details as much as they do on the general appearance. For example, if you notice a minor crack in a wall then fill it before returning to put another coat of plaster over everything else.

You can easily tell when something has been done well due to attention from small defects being paid to larger areas which then makes them look worse by comparison. This is why patience and attention to detail go hand-in-hand; without one the other isn’t nearly as effective.

         10.    You need an eye for art!

When you’ve got all those other things down pat, plus a good eye for scale and aesthetics, then you’re on your way to becoming a truly great plasterer! That’s not to say that those with average abilities won’t be able to do the job satisfactorily, but some people can make even the drabbest of surfaces look great! This is why some companies prefer their plasterers to be artistic; it shows in small details like a smooth curve or a carefully-chosen colour.

Before you apply for any jobs as a plasterer, make sure that you know what type of work suits you best – e.g. industrial or residential – and remember all the skills which are mentioned in this article. If you put them into practice then hopefully you won’t just be a plasterer but an effective one too!

Funeral Directors in Melbourne Australia

A memorial service is an organized function, with a start, centre and end. Each is planned to draw in the living members in exercises that will change their status inside the local area, furnish grievers with an aggregate lamenting encounter, and praise an everyday routine experienced. It’s a socially adequate way for individuals from a local area to reaffirm and communicate their social connections.

Death Care Industry - How much does a Funeral Service cost?

A memorial service, regardless of whether customary or more current (dedication administration or festivity of life), has two capacities: to recognize the demise and lifetime accomplishments of an individual and to bring lamenting relatives and companions together on the side of each other during this troublesome time.

On the off chance that you are searching for a neighbourhood burial service home, take a read through our rundown of Top 5 Funeral Directors in Melbourne.

1. Bethel Funerals

Bethel Funerals has been giving Christ-like consideration to lamenting families and companions in Melbourne and Brisbane beginning around 1997. As a not-revenue driven Funeral Director, they have served more than 13,800 families and given more than $4,123,000 to mission work and distraught networks all over the planet.

They have wonderful burial service homes across Melbourne and Brisbane and can coordinate burial service administrations across a wide scope of areas to suit your necessities.

Their consideration goes past administrations that honour your friends and family. They offer 24-hour telephone support, 7 days per week, from their expert staff and nonstop help later the memorial service to assist with directing you during this troublesome time through to acknowledgment and recuperating.

2. Tobin Brothers

For more than 80 years, Tobin Brothers keeps on being gladly possessed and worked by the Tobin family. As a believed name in Melbourne, we oblige all ways of memorial services – from customary, strict, or ethnic and social festivals of life to significantly more one of a kind memorial services for your friends and family.

Their Funeral Planners will give a separated charge proposition laying out the entirety of the administrations and expenses engaged with a memorial service, to mirror the existence of your cherished one and your family’s necessities.

3. Gardenia Funerals

Gardenia Funerals is the main mid estimated memorial service organization situated in North Melbourne, situated in North Melbourne gives their organization the adaptability to support all of Melbourne. They will either come to you, or on the other hand assuming you might want to see their premises you are very free to come to them. 

The group at Gardenia Funerals have the glow and sympathy without being ludicrous. In the wake of connecting with Gardenia Funerals, your adored one and your family will encounter the skill of a top of the line memorial service chief, realizing that every single component of organizing a burial service will be dealt with productively and at a practical strategy.

4.  White Lady Funerals

White Lady Funerals is inseparable from quality and polish. While they have houses of prayer right all through Australia, they have an especially enormous presence in Melbourne. Staff are well disposed and identifying. They cause you to feel appreciated and they listen near you and your family. Being a piece of InvoCare, White Lady Funerals approach phenomenal anguish support assets.

This is particularly significant assuming that there are youngsters or more youthful relatives associated with the passing.

The group at each White Lady area in Melbourne are prepared to the best expectations. The norms are those that have kept the White Lady at the front line of the burial service care industry in Australia. While they might be huge and a piece of the worldwide InvoCare organization – the help they give their customer families is the thing that you would anticipate from a store memorial service home. Customary, stately memorial services with a lady’s agreement.

Entombment and Cremation administrations are presented by White Lady Funerals. The bundles they offer in Melbourne might contrast somewhat to those presented in various states. White Lady Funerals isn’t only for ladies. As of late, White Lady Funerals have audited their burial service costs, offering quality burial service care at a serious cost.

5. Kingston Funerals

In 1996 they conceded to helping and backing nearby families in recollecting and praising their friends and family. They love to investigate and recount the narratives of regular individuals, rejuvenating their memory extraordinarily and sincerely.

There is no correct method for recalling a friend or family member. Kingston’s burial service chiefs set aside the effort to get to know you and your family and assist you with sending your adored oddball in the most effective way conceivable.

At Kingston, they value conveying an undeniable degree of customized care, assisting you with picking the choices that are best for yourself as well as your family. On the off chance that you have particular solicitations or necessities, they can attempt to oblige them. Their burial service chiefs will take you through your choices to guarantee the most ideal outcomes.

You might check this directory for more information.

Facts Everyone Should Know About Granny Flats

Granny flats are an interesting concept that can help you use your property in ways that maximise its potential. When you need an extra room for your aging parents, but don’t want to move them into a nursing home or full care facility, the solution may be as close as your backyard. Granny flats are rapidly becoming popular additions for Australian homes and granny flat construction has resulted in thousands of new jobs.

Granny flats can be a great choice if you need more living space for your parents or other elderly family members. With the Australian property market as hot as it is now, this is an opportunity to cash in on some extra equity from your home. A granny flat is not just a “nursing home in the backyard”, it has numerous advantages over more formal living options. Click here to find out how you can take advantage of your extra space.

Here are some facts everyone should know about granny flats:

1. Granny Flats Are Legal

Yes, although the term ‘granny flat’ is not actually used in any legislation or by any government department, most people agree that the term refers to any secondary dwelling on a property. So long as you are complying with all relevant council regulations and zoning, it is legal to build a granny flat.

2. Size Doesn’t Matter

The size of your granny flat doesn’t really matter – what matters is how much space you have available. So long as you can legally build a granny flat, you are free to create the space that works best for your needs.

3. You Can Rental It Out

Yes, if your home is zoned correctly and all other regulations are complied with, it is legal to lease out your granny flat so you can earn some extra money. This is a great way to get more value from your property!

4. You Can Live in it

Yes, you can even live in your new granny flat provided the size of the building meets all relevant laws and regulations. This is perfect if you want to downsize but stay at home!

5. They Are Great for Seniors

Yes, granny flats are an excellent option for seniors who want to downsize but still remain at home. Granny flats are technically independent living units so they’re perfect if you want some privacy and independence.

6. They Can be On or Off-Site

If there is enough space on your property, you can build your granny flat on the same property. However, if you don’t have enough space for this, you can choose to build your new granny flat off-site and simply rent out an existing building.

7. They Can be Designed to Suit Your Needs

Yes, granny flats can be designed any way you like them so long as you comply with all relevant local zoning and laws. If you would like to design your flat according to your needs, there’s nothing stopping you! Just remember that the size of the building must be consistent with all legal requirements including space for wheelchair accessibility in case it is required at a later date.

8. They Can Be Rented Out Through Airbnb

Yes, if you choose to lease out your granny flat through Airbnb, you can! Many people do this with their spare rooms and sometimes even their entire homes so there is nothing stopping you from doing it too.

9. You Don’t Have to Rental It Out

If you want the extra space but don’t feel like renting your granny flat out or sharing it with another person, you don’t have to! As long as the legal requirements are met and you comply with all local regulations, it is absolutely fine for you to use your new granny flat as an extra living space.

10. You Can Enjoy Yourself

There is nothing stopping you from enjoying yourself. You can always have a BBQ or party in your granny flat or even invite over friends and family members to enjoy the space! Just make sure all relevant legal requirements are met.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for lots more cool facts everyone should know about everything in the future – we’ll see you next time. 

Looking For The Right Stone For Your Wedding Ring? Read This!

When buying gems for jewellery, it isn’t constantly about getting the right colour of stone per se, though the colour is among the most crucial deciding elements. Since the gems and precious jewellery you are going to pick to buy and wear are going to show your character and fashion style, here are some points to think about that will help direct you in choosing the ideal gemstones for your custom fashion jewellery. 

Your Budget

Gemstones are traditionally classified as semi-precious and precious stones. Gemstones are the ones that are uncommon and are known for their hardness while semi-precious stones are those valued mainly for their charm. While there are only four gemstones categorized – diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire; there are numerous semi-precious stones known to humanity. 

Naturally, jewels are highly pricey and not within everyone’s reach, whereas there are many kinds of semi-precious stones that nearly anyone can quickly purchase. Understand your budget plan when you want to pick gems for your jewellery. The amount you can invest will eventually decide the kind of gemstone you buy.

Considering Resilience And Wearability

Many people misinterpret the significance of durability when it comes to gemstones for fashion jewellery. Gems firmness just measures resistance to scratches – and not resistance to fracturing, collapsing, parting, crazing (drying) or even denting. The overall toughness, resilience and wearability of gems for fashion jewellery are determined by several factors, consisting of firmness, cleavage, fracture, perseverance and level of sensitivity.

Gems Clearness

The clearness of coloured gems contributes to their appeal. Unless a gem is opaque and blocks all light, how light relocates through the gemstone impacts its charm.

Gemstone Enhancements

In particular coloured gemstones, colour takes place naturally. Satisfying colours are intrinsic in some garnets. In other coloured gems, the final colour occurs with assistance. For almost as long as individuals have worn rubies, we have understood how to deal with a rough ruby with heat to get a desirable red colour. Not all rubies are heat dealt with, but the huge majority are. Because of their rarity, gems in which colour is naturally occurring are generally more valuable.

Many gemstones are treated or improved in some way, such as with heat or safe irradiation, to attain the gorgeous colours or clearness we want in the sizes we prefer. These less rare gems can also be extremely important. Some jewellery experts make artificial coloured gemstones available. Synthetic coloured gemstones have all the optical, physical and chemical properties of naturally occurring gems, however, they are produced in a lab rather than taking place in nature.

Astrological Factors

Gems are not just popular since they are beautiful natural stones but likewise since they are thought to have metaphysical and recovery residential or commercial properties. If you think that gems can heal, you must understand the functions of every gemstone before you select one for yourself.

Carat Weight

Carat describes the weight of the stone. It is often puzzled with the size of the stone, but it doesn’t refer to size straight. For instance, sapphires are denser (higher specific gravity) and heavier than diamonds; therefore a 1-carat diamond engagement ring will be larger than a 1-carat sapphire. A lot of gems are offered by weight (carat), but some are sold by millimetre diameter.


Colour, I feel, is the most important aspect to consider when searching for gemstones for your custom rings (excluding diamonds, white sapphires and moissanite). I will discuss how colour is priced, however ultimately, just because a certain colour is thought about higher quality, do not buy merely based on the quality of colour– purchase based upon the colour you like!

Coloured stones are priced according to supply (its rarity). If a certain colour occurs rarely in nature, then that coloured stone will be costly. Take, for instance, sapphires; sapphires come from the corundum household. Sapphires are moderately costly, however, when compared to rubies (also in the corundum family) they are much cheaper. The same is true in regards to shades and saturations of particular colours. Dark blue sapphires are cheaper than crisp clear blue sapphires.

Which Gems Is Right For You?

Depending on how you plan to use your gems, there are a variety of methods to determine which gems are ideal for you. A gemstone pendant will not undergo much “wear and tear”; suggesting the gemstone is not going to enter contact with hard surfaces or other gems. The very same is true for gemstone earrings. A ring or bracelet, nevertheless, will come into contact with a range of surfaces, a few of which can harm a gemstone. In picking gems to be worn on the hand or wrist, pick a gem with a Mohs solidity rating of 7 or higher.

Semi-precious gems ranked 7 or greater on the Mohs scale include all varieties of quartz such as amethyst, citrine, increased quartz, and prasiolite as well as topaz. Precious gems rated seven or greater include rubies, diamonds, and sapphires.

Gems Fashion

Gemstones have been a part of our culture for centuries. Once reserved for nobility and royalty, the status and pleasure derived from owning gemstones is now available to numerous. Current styles include big semi-precious gems framed with very little diamonds, called melee. Variations on this pattern consist of making use of really little valuable gems as frames, “halos,” or accents to larger gems. Whether you are drawn to contemporary styles or antiques, regularly referred to as “estate fashion jewellery”, gemstones when looked after effectively will thrill for generations. Consider your wardrobe, your way of life, your taste, and your budget.