Facts Everyone Should Know About Granny Flats

Granny flats are an interesting concept that can help you use your property in ways that maximise its potential. When you need an extra room for your aging parents, but don’t want to move them into a nursing home or full care facility, the solution may be as close as your backyard. Granny flats are rapidly becoming popular additions for Australian homes and granny flat construction has resulted in thousands of new jobs.

Granny flats can be a great choice if you need more living space for your parents or other elderly family members. With the Australian property market as hot as it is now, this is an opportunity to cash in on some extra equity from your home. A granny flat is not just a “nursing home in the backyard”, it has numerous advantages over more formal living options. Click here to find out how you can take advantage of your extra space.

Here are some facts everyone should know about granny flats:

1. Granny Flats Are Legal

Yes, although the term ‘granny flat’ is not actually used in any legislation or by any government department, most people agree that the term refers to any secondary dwelling on a property. So long as you are complying with all relevant council regulations and zoning, it is legal to build a granny flat.

2. Size Doesn’t Matter

The size of your granny flat doesn’t really matter – what matters is how much space you have available. So long as you can legally build a granny flat, you are free to create the space that works best for your needs.

3. You Can Rental It Out

Yes, if your home is zoned correctly and all other regulations are complied with, it is legal to lease out your granny flat so you can earn some extra money. This is a great way to get more value from your property!

4. You Can Live in it

Yes, you can even live in your new granny flat provided the size of the building meets all relevant laws and regulations. This is perfect if you want to downsize but stay at home!

5. They Are Great for Seniors

Yes, granny flats are an excellent option for seniors who want to downsize but still remain at home. Granny flats are technically independent living units so they’re perfect if you want some privacy and independence.

6. They Can be On or Off-Site

If there is enough space on your property, you can build your granny flat on the same property. However, if you don’t have enough space for this, you can choose to build your new granny flat off-site and simply rent out an existing building.

7. They Can be Designed to Suit Your Needs

Yes, granny flats can be designed any way you like them so long as you comply with all relevant local zoning and laws. If you would like to design your flat according to your needs, there’s nothing stopping you! Just remember that the size of the building must be consistent with all legal requirements including space for wheelchair accessibility in case it is required at a later date.

8. They Can Be Rented Out Through Airbnb

Yes, if you choose to lease out your granny flat through Airbnb, you can! Many people do this with their spare rooms and sometimes even their entire homes so there is nothing stopping you from doing it too.

9. You Don’t Have to Rental It Out

If you want the extra space but don’t feel like renting your granny flat out or sharing it with another person, you don’t have to! As long as the legal requirements are met and you comply with all local regulations, it is absolutely fine for you to use your new granny flat as an extra living space.

10. You Can Enjoy Yourself

There is nothing stopping you from enjoying yourself. You can always have a BBQ or party in your granny flat or even invite over friends and family members to enjoy the space! Just make sure all relevant legal requirements are met.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for lots more cool facts everyone should know about everything in the future – we’ll see you next time.