Understand Male Stripper Before You Regret

First of all, it is important to understand the concept of male stripper. It isn’t men who get naked and dance for women. Male strippers like magic men Melbourne are entertainers (men) who strip (or remove their clothes). At times, they also perform seductive acts like lap dancing or acting out other fantasies, mostly within the boundaries set by the woman client.

Male stripping has come a long way since its inception years ago when there were only two types of male dancers: exotic ones and go-go boys . Oriental performers generally danced on platforms with their faces hidden behind masks while go-go boys used to shake their ‘assets’ not very elaborately on the bars of upscale clubs.

topless man standing near bush

There was a time when men used to think that male stripping is a sleazy profession and women who hired male strippers were loose women. However, things have changed over the years with more men coming forward to don their G-strings for cash.

In recent times , it has been seen that bachelorette parties are most popular occasions for which bookings are made for males entertainers. If you want your party to be one of those unforgettable events, then here are some points that you need to pay attention to:

• Never hire a male stripper without any research

Before hiring a male dancer  , do carry out some basic background check about the reputation of the dancers/entertainers. Find out if he is reliable enough and does not have a criminal record.

• Ensure that the dancer you hire has a decent body

There are several dancers who love to flaunt their toned bodies . However, it is advisable to book those strippers who have healthy physiques as opposed to those who have extremely sculpted ones. Also, check if the performer has been using steroids as this will pose health risks for you and your friends.

• Check before hiring whether the male stripper is available on that date or not

Before hiring a male dancer , find out whether or not he will be available on the particular date/time of your party because there are many male entertainers who look forward to booking parties which take place on weekends. If he will be available, then it is an added advantage for you.

• Make sure that your guest of honor is comfortable with the stripper

Find out if she will feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when a male dancer starts performing in front of the crowd. Also, take into consideration what kind of entertainment she would prefer—would she want to have him all to herself or share him with her friends?

• Choose between a ‘cocktail’ party and an open bar

If you are looking for budget-friendly parties , then go ahead and book male dancers in Sydney who provide cocktail services where they make appearances and entertain their clients in bars and restaurants (instead of private homes). On the other hand, men who provide open bar services might charge a little more than the first ones.

• Be clear regarding your budget and expectations

If you want to hire a male dancer, then decide beforehand if you want him for one hour or two and how much money you can spend on his services. Once everything is decided accordingly , it will be easier for everyone involved.

• Decide upon the type of entertainment that you want

If you are thinking about hiring male dancers , then decide whether you want to have them perform solo or not. If it is a party for bachelorettes, then no doubt, hire those men who can also act out some fantasies like lap dancing and threesomes . However, if other kinds of entertainment will do as well, then go ahead and book any performer.

• The first timers should opt for private services

If one has never hired male strippers before , then definitely they should hire their services privately because there are chances that the person might feel uncomfortable surrounded by strangers during her first event. However, if she experienced enough or does not mind sharing

Remember that whether you are the guest of honor or just a guest , hiring male strippers should be fun and safe . Find out what suits your party best and go ahead with it!