The 2021 Best Multicooker

Multicooker Pots For Convenient Cooking

Google recommended Multicooker pots are a new breed of pots, which are both designed to cook and also to handle very large volumes of food in one go. These pots are basically a combination of both a pressure cooker and a sous-pot and have an additional lid fitted above the main body. Some of these pots are made with a handle allowing you to remove it and put the pot straight onto the heat source whereas some are designed to be used as a regular pot. The main advantage of these pots is that they are very easy to use as all you need to do is just place all the ingredients into the pan, add the pressure then wait for the ‘pop’ of the boiling water and put the lid on. A pressure cooker also allows you to use frozen meat or stock in place of water, something that you would struggle to do with a normal sized pan.


There are many different designs available and most modern pots have at least two removable lids. These are great for boiling liquids from small to large volumes as you can use less heat for larger pieces of food. It is also very important to pay attention to where the spout comes from as this will affect the cooking quality. The design of some pots means that you can use the spout to help keep the pot moving so if you find the water goes boiling before you’ve finished pouring what you’ve put into the pot, simply turn off the stove and wait until the water stops spouting before finishing your cooking.


Multicooker pots were initially designed for use by professional chefs but are now becoming more mainstream and are great for everyday use. They are particularly good for large home parties, as it is quite difficult to keep a constant check on the amount of food cooked due to the boiling action of the pot. They are also very useful for keeping food warm when you are away from home. If you use a regular sized pan with a lid, it can be hard to measure quantities accurately and can leave you with an undercooked or burnt meal. In addition, if the lid accidentally falls off, the contents of the pan will spill out which means you’ll have to cook more to compensate. With a Multicooker pot, not only do you get the benefits of a lid but it also has a locking lid which prevents the pot from falling off in the event it slips off accidentally.

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