Tough trades vehicle bodies are an essential tool for specialists in a wide range of fields from contracting, road service, A/C, and more. These energy upfits change a pickup truck or chassis into the complete toolbox that’s necessary to be efficient with the way you work. Because this is a huge financial investment and a tool you’ll utilize for several years, you want to make this investment in the very best service body for you that will provide you with long-term returns.


Service bodies, also known as utility beds, are essentially durable tool kits on wheels. They are available in a complete range of configurations, sizes, materials, and other alternatives, making it possible for service technicians to transport tools, devices, and parts they require – arranged for easy and fast gain access to – to take full advantage of job site performance. Service bodies allow staff members to focus time on getting the job done, instead of fumbling through jumbled stacks of parts to discover the right one.


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Service bodies are developed for maximum storage. Various usages require various layouts. The design of service bodies can be customised according to what you will use it for, how typically you require to utilize it, and how heavy the load is.

The kind of material used for putting together the service body will depend upon these considerations. You need to be clear on what you desire and how you want it so your dealer or manufacturer can create it according to your specs.




Consider initially the grade and type of metal utilized for the racks and cabinets. For instance, A-60 “galvannealed” steel with a heavy zinc coating currently represents among the best materials for keeping rust and deterioration at bay.


How that metal gets layered is similarly essential. Products subject to extremely heavy use, like ladder bumpers, racks and bed liners, should have their metal surface areas safeguarded by sprayed-on powder coverings which provide much higher permanence and won’t clean away through use.





Comprehending your truck’s required form and function both in the option of body material as well as enclosed or traditional service body configuration is a great structure. It enables you to successfully spec a new service body truck. That said, further understanding of the available accessories can enhance your truck’s performance and enable your team to do even better work. Below is a list of essential and reliable devices you require to consider when purchasing a service body work truck for your service.

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