Everything You Need to Know About Service Trucks

Everything you need to know about service trucks

The type you pick will depend on the functions you need. The type of trade service body you pick will depend upon the type of job you do, and the nature of products you require to transfer. Do you have a large volume of tools and equipment that need to be safely kept? Are you required to transfer large or long items in the back of your ute? Do you need a combination of storage and tray space? Read on to discover which Ridgeback tough fixed trade physiques is right for you.

Picking the right trade service body. There are three various kinds of trade service bodies, and they each have their own specific style. The type you select will depend on the features you need.


Choosing the Right Service Body

Choose which design of canopy you require.
The first thing you require to decide which configuration finest fulfils your needs. Do you require a complete canopy, part canopy or a tool module?
Full canopies are fully confined service bodies, with 3 doors for easy gain access to. Favourably sealed versus dust and the weather, they provide all-round access to tools of the trade and protect valuable devices from damage and theft. Complete canopies are offered for a lot of makes, models and chassis variations.

Consider your trade. Is your trade an electrical expert, plumbing professional, heating, mechanic & air installer, general building, mining? The very best service bodies are entirely customised to keep numerous products thoroughly organised so you know exactly where they are immediate. Or maybe you don’t need that, and a completely open service body leaves more room for large pest sprayers and chemical tanks.

What loads are you carrying? Your car will have a maximum load weight. Even if you do not reach that, excess weight will cost you in fuel. Check the carrying load of your truck or ute, along with the devices you require. In fact, this is a good time to itemise all your devices (it’ll help you choose a design later) to estimate your load weight.

Open-Bed Service Bodies
But clearly, the open or classic-style service body supplies a practical staging area for crew, tools, and products. The open bed supports longer, bulkier materials that would not suit a 40″ compartment or enclosed service body. Products like channel and lengths of builder-grade wood fit right in the bed quickly protected with the tailgate.

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